What an exciting time to be alive, and what an exciting time for our church! I really feel that we as a church are about to turn a significant corner. Early this month we are set to complete the sale of the Caravan Park that we have been working at selling for some time now. Praise God for his goodness to us! To say that it is a relief for the leadership team to see this season change is an understatement. It has been a challenge but one we have all grown through. Let’s all continue to pray for a smooth transition for this process.


As exciting as this is, I am more excited about what I feel God is doing amongst us in the spiritual realm. I feel there has been a real shift in the spirit and we should be expecting to see answers to prayers that we have been praying for some time. I was encouraged recently when listening to a message looking at Zechariah and the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist. The Angel of the Lord was sent to Zechariah to inform him that his wife, Elizabeth, was to have a son. As his wife was older, he was in disbelief and as a result of this was struck silent till the birth of his son. Yet, in the initial part of the conversation we see that Gabriel brings encouragement to Zechariah when he says, “do not be afraid, YOUR PRAYER HAS BEEN HEARD” (Luke 1:13). Many commentators say that there is inference here to a ‘prayer once prayed’ or a ‘prayer that he had given up on.’ But the answer came anyway! I want to encourage you to think of those prayers that maybe you have given up on, or stopped praying because you think it is no use. God has heard those prayers…and the answer is on its way!


What’s on this month...


Mother’s Day

Our Annual Mother’s Day Breakfast is happening on 13th May @ 8am. This is a fantastic time for women to gather with their mums, kids, family and friends. Make sure you RSVP and get your tickets by Wed 10th May to reserve your spot. We also have our Mother’s Day service on 14th May where we will honour all our mums and have some special things planned for this service. Bring your mum along to this!



It is always exciting to see people declare their faith publicly by way of Water Baptism. We are having our next water baptism on the 28th of May right here at the church which we are really looking forward to. If you are wanting to get water baptised, please speak to one of the pastors so we can make arrangement as soon as possible!


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